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MisterPasta - The Pasta Consultant.

It was 1999 and Danilo Curotto, a young Genoese pasta maker, was invited by a friend to the United States to let the New World know the secrets of the all-Italian art of making fresh pasta. From his arrival in the small American town, it only took a moment to realize how far the "Made in Italy" way of thinking and producing was from the Stars and Stripes system.

John and Mary were the two boys who would learn the production and processing techniques of artisanal pasta, to immerse themselves in ravioli, trofie and cappellacci and reproduce the traditional Italian fresh pasta laboratory thousands of kilometers away.
As the days passed quickly and just as quickly the local inhabitants began to gain confidence and satisfy the palate with trenette and corzetti, pesto and walnut sauce, lasagna and ravioli. Unaccustomed to Italian names, with the typical sympathy of the place, they had nicknamed the young pasta maker-masterMisterPasta®

Thus was born the idea of MisterPasta®, a brand that wants to distinguish the artisan fresh pasta product, offering collaboration, assistance and experience to those who want to start a current business in a sector that has large market spaces.

Pasta maker for 25 years, craftsman for passion, I take care of the start-up of pasta production companies fresh starting from the design of the room up to the actual start-up of the business.

Commitment and training aimed at quality!

MisterPasta®! When quality... pays off!

Only the best raw materials!

The best raw materials, the genuineness of the fresh product obtained through artisanal production and the guarantee of absolute hygiene in the processing and sale phases they are the cornerstones on which we want to build our success.

Leaving is easy!!

Just locate the place where you want to start the business and MisterPasta® will take care of the rest, guiding you step by step without uncertainties!
Our consultancy service for setting up production laboratories includes:

  • Training course at the customer for the use of the machinery
  • Design of the laboratory or point of sale.
  • Organization of work and of the various production phases
  • Supply of personalized recipe book
  • Dedicated management software
  • Personalized HACCP schemes
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360° consultancy!

MisterPasta® offers, in addition to total consultancy, consisting of planning, staff training, supply of recipe books etc, also an "On Line" service, by telephone, e-mail and video conference, for the resolution of any problems that should arise in the production phase: thanks to this service we will be able to monitor production and be constantly present in your laboratory.